12 x 16 CashLINK Deposit Bag

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  • Rear External PocketCashLINK_in_store
  • 200 per Case
  • Exclusively for gardaworld_TEXT_3 CashLINK customers

About CashLink

Cash is a distraction for your business. The more time you spend securing it, counting it, reconciling it and getting it to your bank account, the less time you have to serve your customers. You need an efficient solution to help with your daily cash processing and cash tacking practices.

Discover increased profits, instead of counting cash!

  • Do you hire store managers based on their accounting skills or their customer experience management skills? CashLINK is a single-source, fully integrated, transaction-to-bank cash management system. The Garda solution starts when your employee deposits cash into our smart safe cash vault, which reads and secures each note, and ends when you view your bank deposit and key financial information into your computer.
  • When the manager is counting money in a small room, who is leading the frontline employees in excellent customer care? Using Garda’s CashLINK service is like having your cashier make a deposit directly to your bank account, freeing up your manager’s time to focus on a superior customer experience.
  • How many good employees do you lose because of cash counting errors and stress? With CashLINK, your cashier can immediately insert currency received from your customers into our smart safe that digitally reads each note and instantly verifies your cashier’s drop.
  • Who is responsible when envelope drops are out of balance? Since CashLINK secures your cash from the moment our smart safe accepts it until the moment your cash reaches the bank, Garda guarantees the contents of the depository cassettes.
  • Do you have the time to keep your business organized while focusing on growth? With Garda,  you, your managers and your cashiers don’t have to recount cash in the store so you are free to spend more time adding value to your business and increasing profits.
  • Contact GARDA today to find out how CashLINK and Garda’s cash vault services can help you. 877.287.8889

Additional Information

Weight 9 lbs

Case – 200, Pack – 100